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Vilnius Concert Hall
Vilnius, Lithuania, 2019

big concert hall collage

The New National Concert Hall perches on the top of the hill as if anticipating people and events congregating together inside. Formed from layers that rise up in the landscape to create terraces and viewing points in all directions, it is a belvedere looking out onto the city, with concert halls buried within the heart of it.

Within is conceived as a landscape of fluid public space connected to the outside terraces and the concert halls. By looking out from within the project connects the city and the people to the music and activities within.

The folded geometry of inclined wall planes and floor slabs create a place of movement and anticipation. Like music it is alive and pregnant with possibilities spatially, functionally and experientially.

The definition of inside and outside is blurred and allows for a democratic approach where all feel comfortable to enter and inhabit the space.

exterior 5
site render final
exterior image 2
axo 2706
GBA small concert hall collage
foyer collage

Design Team

  • Stephanie Aue
  • Gianni Botsford
  • Kosuke Ino
  • James Eagle


  • Tall Engineers, Structural Engineer
  • Integration, Environmental Engineer
  • Todd Longstaffe-Gowan, Landscape Architect
  • Charcoalblue, Acoustics