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Sara Hilden Art Gallery
Tampere, Finland, 2020

Park exterior 2 2

Alus (or Vessel) forms a clear and easily legible linear four-story container for art, with public, event and support spaces located on the ground floor and exhibition spaces of varying sizes and shapes located on the upper floors. Large stairwells located at both ends of the building are connected by wide traffic spaces, which open up views down to the park and access to the gallery spaces. The flexibility of the building enables different routes and experiences depending on the exhibition. The new museum building meets the park and street space in different ways; on the park side the facade peels back to reveal thoughtful views of the park, on the street side the facade steps out to join the scale of the historically significant industrial environment. The ends of the linear form a visible visual subject that can be seen from afar - the facade art spreading on the walls of the building questions the relationship between the city and the museum.

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Park exterior 2
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Design Team

  • Arslan Arkallayev
  • Deimante Auksoriute
  • Gianni Botsford
  • James Eagle
  • Oli Martin
  • Lari Ala-Pöllänen


  • Arup, Structural Engineers
  • Arup, Lighting
  • Arup, Environmental Engineering