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Light & Dark House
London, UK, 2012—2015


The project seeks to invigorate an approximately 300 year old structure with the new, whilst retaining all the idiosyncrasies of the old. The layering that new insertions, juxtaposed with sloping floors and walls, pregnant ceilings, and creaking staircases, are celebrated and retained. The owner’s photography collection was taken as a starting point for the chromatic concept for the house. Photography was interpreted as the art of light and dark, where the pictures in the collection are the protagonists, and the room colours had to provide the appropriate backdrop and atmosphere. This was achieved by painting each room a single colour for walls, ceilings, doors, architraves and window frames. The colours were chosen by considering the artwork, orientation and function and were tested through extensive full room samples. Overall the client’s aim, whilst requiring the house to be upgraded technically, was to notice a few changes, a few surprises, but generally to feel the house had always been like this.


Design Team

  • Gianni Botsford
  • Jernej Cencic
  • Liz Tatarintseva
  • Luigi Parise
  • Yo Murata
  • Lucia Pflucker


  • Verona Construction Ltd, Contractor
  • Mitchell Taylor Workshop, Heritage Consultant
  • Todd Longstaffe-Gowan Landscape Architects, Landscape Architect
  • Phillips Consultancy Limited, Party Wall Surveyor
  • David Parker, Quantity Surveyor
  • Tall Engineers, Structural Engineer

Project Bibilography