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A Fluid Landscape
UK, 2016

As people, we’re used to being in moving man made things like cars and trains, but less so in being surrounded by a moving and fluid man made environment. This pavilion aims to introduce a sense of imbalance and heightened sensitivity to our surroundings. To weave nature and the man made, to weave light and shade, and to disrupt the sense of structure and gravity. Floating above a series of rotating mirrored walls, the heavy roof seems to have no support. Against all rational thought, people are happily walking and sitting under this floating roof, moving the rotating walls as they participate in an interactive experience of reflection and ambiguity.

Gianni's sketches_Page_06
191 pavillion-09_0893
191-serpentine 004
191-serpentine 005
191 pavillion-09_0022
191 pavillion-09_0407
191-serpentine 003
191-serpentine 008

Design Team

  • Gianni Botsford
  • Sei Hosaka
  • Luigi Parise
  • Hiroshi Takeyama
  • Moeko Urano


  • Arup, Structural Engineer
  • Arup, Lighting