Water Mountain

Competition entry for the Seoul Performing Arts Centre.

Seoul, Korea
Sector: Cultural
Project Status: Competition

Situated on an island and accessible from both sides via a bridge, the structure symbolizes the transition from city to mountainside. The proposal consists of a series of horizontal landscape strata, which are flooded both naturally and artificially, registering the level of the river against the stage.

Seen from outside, it reflects the profile of the surrounding mountains, a landscape introduced into the heart of the city. Once inside the structure, the reflection of the landscape persists on the sheets of water flooding the space within. Acoustic considerations lead us to locate the auditorium below the horizontal strata that form peaks and valleys, creating the external arena and rooftop landscapes. The remaining interstitial spaces can be open or closed, connected both vertically and horizontally to the interior and exterior landscape. Two parallel worlds, the public and those back-stage, inhabit this landscape and overlap on stage.

Gianni Botsford


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