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Hualien Container Installation

Hualien, Taiwan
Sector: Cultural
Project Status: Current

Gianni Botsford Architects are developing a temporary recyclable installation using containers as a component to create a large span arched space in Hualien, Taiwan. The arch, spanning 120 metres at its widest, will provide a protected outdoor space for events, farmer’s markets and concerts, and is seen as much as anart installation to demonstrate the concept of recycling, as a shared public space to be used as the projects around the site are realised, for example BIG’s Hualien Residences. The space is entered from the west and opens out onto a dramatic view of the sea.

The basic structural principle, developed with TALL Engineers, is as simple as a brick arch. However by using containers instead of bricks, the scale is hugely enlarged, and yet strangely familiar.

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