Hsinchu Stone Village Resort Hotel

The Hsinchu Stone Village Resort Hotel forms part of our masterplan for the Hsinchu Stone Village in Taiwan. The hotel sits at the highest point of a new village, separated by a dramatic landscape. The proposal seeks to create a contemporary re-interpretation of a Chinese Hill Village formed from a series of courtyard buildings of varying scales. Four courtyards are connected by a series of walkways, bridges and courts.

Hsinchu, Taiwan
Sector: Leisure & Sport
Client: Taiwan Land Development Corporation
Project Status: Current
Budget: £30M

The design works with traditional Chinese notions of entry, and subdivision of space. Landscape is integrated into the urban village setting, with the ravine forming the central spine through the centre of the village, with views out at either end. The hotel seeks to provide an environment with a close relationship to nature as an antidote to city life.

Village life weaves through the hotel connecting activities ranging from wedding receptions close to the Chapel in the Bamboo Court, to banquets and intimate dinners in the restaurants in the Tea and Stone courts, to relaxing in the luxurious two level spa in the Water Court, with indoor and outdoor pools overlook the Camelia valley to the west.

Bedrooms and suites, all with balconies, float above the courts with views out to the dramatic surrounding landscape and village. Each court is formed by a plinth, providing the change in level from the top of the slope of the hill to the bottom and housing the banquet halls, the spa and car parks, the courtyard level arched areas providing public facilities, and bedrooms hovering above the courtyards. Single loaded corridors provide both light and natural ventilation to all circulation areas.

The main entrance and drop off to the hotel is at the lower level, and a dramatic stair connects this reception and drop off area to the main reception Stone Court. Individually landscaped courtyards create different atmospheres and identities for each court, and connections from each court to activities in the landscape beyond, stimulate the idea that a range of experiences are to be had over a period of time in the resort.

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