One Line Sky Chapel

Non Denominational Wedding Chapel.

Hsinchu, Taiwan
Sector: Cultural
Client: Taiwan Land Development Corporation
Project Status: Current

The project is part of the Hsinchu Stone Village Masterplan we are carrying out with Mole Architects and Todd Longstaffe-Gowan Landscape Architects for the Taiwan Land Development Corporation. The 60 person Chapel sits in its own hillside landscape to the north of the new resort hotel, and is designed primarily as a wedding chapel but also to be able to accommodate other events such as recitals.

The 'One Line Sky' is found in the Jianglang Mountain in China, and the experience of ascending to the chapel space between two curving concrete walls with a line of light at the top provides anticipation of the wedding event. The line of light moves throughout the days and seasons, but aligns exactly with the middle of the staircase and the middle of the chapel space at midday on June 21st. 

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