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GBA were invited to participate in a one week workshop in Qatar with a number of architects and artists with the aim of producing a concept and masterplan for a sustainable community on a site north of Doha. Participants included Shuei Endo, Frohn and Rojas, Charlotte Skene-Catling, Y Takano, Naja & de Ostos, Downie Consulting, and Space Syntax.

Doha, Qatar
Sector: Masterplanning
Client: The Qatar Foundation
Project Status: Proposal

The site conditions are among the harshest in the world. There are extremely high temperatures, high humidity, high wind velocities, sandstorms and a lack of fresh water. community on a site north of Doha. This will be a self-contained extension to the city and will form an intellectual exchange for an international creative community and local Qataris.

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