Building Envelope Optimisation

Research Project in conjunction with Arup to optimise the design of building envelopes.

London, UK
Sector: Research and Development
Project Status: Feasibility Study

Following the previous collaboration with Arup on the Light House, we have been collaborating on the development of software to optimise building envelopes. The aim is to be able to control a number of conflicting variables in the design of a façade, such as cost, views, acoustics and heat gain at the same time as optimising that façade to those variables. The architect is able to control these variables to achieve the balance that is desired with the knowledge that an optimal solution for that set of variables has been achieved.

The software has already been used by Arup on a number of projects as well as with GBA for two competition entries.

CDO: Computational design and optimisation in building practice
by Chris Luebkeman and Kristina Shea
The Arup Journal 3, 2005

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