Battersea Bird Hide

For Architecture Week, the RIBA invited GBA to participate in designing and building a temporary bird hide in the park. The hide will be moved to a site in Battersea Power Station at the end of Architecture Week.

Battersea, London
Sector: Cultural
Client: Wandsworth Council
Project Status: Completed
Budget: £3000

We have taken the view that without also creating a protected habitat, a hide in a busy city park is less about hiding people than about mediating and guiding the experience of looking at birds in our given site. The hide is designed to ‘hide’ in the most minimal way. We have designed a curved structure of transparent acrylic tubes that break up the image of the body and disguise its movement so that it may be mistaken for the movement of leaves blowing in the wind, seen as an extension of the tree under which it resides. The curves project towards and direct you to the best viewing positions on the site towards the island.

Gianni Botsford


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